Racing is one of the sports that can draw thousands of crowds in one location. The racing sport has been done and many forms or types of racing has been developed and established. There are racing of cars, motorcycles, humans, and many more. They even have small car racing done through remote control. But this time let us know about the horse racing. Horse racing is widely done in some countries and it became part of most of their lives. They even have their income by betting on horse races.

The basic standard of racing in any form is the one who can arrive first at the finish line is the winner. that is why it draws crow of people as there are the excitement and the feeling of the rush of emotion. There is an effect of joy and fun of waiting and cheering for someone who is racing and wanting him to win. It might not be explained well but those who know how it feels agree that they like that feeling.

In different countries, they have their own racing standards and scoring and qualifications. Some of the differences are that they set a certain limit like the breed should only come from the specified one to compete. They have to overcome set challenges also like obstacles. Running also at different distances and also different track. There are even horses with a certain breed that are raised specifically with the purpose only of being used for racing.